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GoodWe Can Show The Market That Times Have Changed, The Situation Is Different From 10 Years Ago; Solar Systems Can Meet Grid Parity Or More Economical Solutions: Jell Jiang, Head of GoodWe Southeast & Central Asia

Jell Jiang, Head of GoodWe Southeast & Central Asia

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Conversation Highlights:


● GoodWe is committed to customizing product design, providing dynamic solutions and giving real benefits to our customers and end-users.

● Under the global trend of transition to renewables, more and more countries and regions will achieve grid parity and the renewable energy industry will boom. 

● GoodWe’s solutions have the best competitive overall cost balance and return on investment.

What interested you in the field of Smart Energy? Was it something you had planned for your career?

I entered the PV industry in 2008 with optimism and enthusiasm for the renewable and PV industry. I had a great first impression and I felt passionate about the profession. Energy can bring people real tangible benefits, solve the dilemma of weak power grids in residential areas and help save on electricity bills, especially for commercial purposes. I clearly remember the 2009 SNEC PV POWER EXPO in Shanghai, there were very few companies and only small ones. Compare that to the 2021 SNEC and you get a completely different picture. Under this global trend of transition to renewables, more and more countries and regions will achieve grid parity and the renewable energy industry will boom.

What is the most rewarding aspect of working in the smart energy/sustainability industry?

I have seen a lot of pioneers who are struggling to innovate and develop in the RE industry, they are working relentlessly to develop and research technologies and manufacturing techniques. I will never forget the huge milestone China reached in 2015/2016. More enterprises can provide PV solutions to reach grid parity, make different solutions for different requirements, survive without FIT, and be self-sufficient.

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GoodWe is one of the big players, we are a leader in smart energy, and our slogan “create a new era of smart energy” reflects that. Working for the RE industry requires courage and dedication; it is a global dream, competing with traditional fossil fuels and achieving a win-win situation for the world. It requires a lot of work and collaboration.

What qualities should a professional possess to build a career in the field of energy and sustainability?

Basic physics and a deep understanding of electrical mechanics are the foundation. They should understand global trends, energy distribution, energy demand, carbon emissions, and other policies related to the RE industry. An optimistic and positive personality is always a bonus.

Adoption of solar energy in Southeast Asia has been a bit slow, partly due to the costs required to set up relevant infrastructure. How can companies overcome this financial hurdle and embark on their sustainability journey?

PV development in Southeast Asia is related to the national economic system and sometimes relies on policy support, especially large-scale consumption that requires support from government incentives. Apart from this, overseas funds or loans for investment will also be a good way to increase ROI.

GoodWe can show the market that times have changed, the situation is different from 10 years ago; solar systems can meet grid parity or more economical solutions. We are also committed to customizing product design, providing dynamic solutions, and giving real benefits to our customers and end-users.

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How can residential areas adopt solar energy? Do you have any message to encourage homes to make the change?

If the peak and valley price of electricity is high, it is very cost-effective to install solar systems. In order to support weak power grids, and respond to the problem of frequent blackouts in residences, our energy storage system can maintain 24 hours of power supply, to achieve the lowest electricity price or zero-carbon.

GoodWe’s solutions have the best competitive overall cost balance and return on investment. Strong quality, pre/after-sales service, lower failure rate, we really go the extra mile to bring our customers added value.

For companies or homes having limited budgets, what is an ideal way to start transitioning to more sustainable operations?

It’s better to find a new model which is more suitable for the development of PV in Southeast Asia, such as IPP. If solar electricity charges are lower than the grid, apart from government support from policies or incentives, you can also get support from financial loans or installment repayments to install the solar system first because there is a real return on investment. Another solution is to proceed step by step; it is not necessary to install the entire roof right away. You can choose to install part of the roof first, when the electricity bill rises and the solar system cost drops, you can install the remaining part.

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What strategies do you implement to connect with a diverse market like Southeast Asia?

We should always fully respect different cultures, and religious beliefs and support them instead of assessing them or complaining about them. We should try our best to localize, and use local resources for local operations. To be more inclusive, we should differentiate our approach in order to meet different needs and expectations.

We feel bullish about South East Asian markets, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, also Pakistan in Central Asia. We will speed up our operations in these areas to better meet customers’ requirements and expectations. The local bonded/after-sales warehouse is currently under preparations and will soon be operating. We are also considering production line localization to keep up with rapid market growth. GoodWe certainly treats SEA as a high-priority market.

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