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    GoodWe, The Top Choice For Solar Energy Storage


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    GoodWe (Stock Code: 688390) is recognized as the world’s top manufacturer of the solar energy storage system by renounced institutions and organizations in the world, and we get them for many reasons:


    1. We are the pioneer for energy storage in the solar industry.

    Right after our establishment in 2010, GoodWe dived into the research process to create an inverter that can help a PV system store it redundant energy and introduced our first hybrid inverter to the world in 2012.

    Our leader considered the technology of energy storage to be the true future of Renewable Energy, with its natural energy level fluctuations, GoodWe believe, that storing redundant energy is the answer, is the most efficient way to control and contribute clean electricity.

    2. GoodWe is capable of meeting consumers’ needs

    With the widest range of capacity from 3 – 50kW with numerous hybrid inverters models, GoodWe truly is the king when it comes to users’ needs, from residential to commercial and industrial, from 1 phase to 3 phases, our multi-types of hybrid/ retrofit / on-grid with battery ready code kind of inverters can meet them all.

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    And not just that, our brand can adapt to market new demand, if there is a need that our current products cannot meet, our R&D team shall immediately join forces and make a new one please our customer. Any adjustments or creation can be put together so quickly, that it feels like magic. Name your needs, fasten your seat belt and here we go.

    3. Our hybrid inverters are of high efficiency and safety

    Efficiency and Safety is the first two things that pop up in any customer’s mind when it comes to solar installation and GoodWe is the perfect combination of these characteristics.

    All our hybrid inverters can achieve the Maximum Efficiency of 97.6% which brings customers higher ROI, shorten payback time and ultimately make the investment on GoodWe ESS a worthwhile one.

    Safety first is our motto in creating any product. Hence, all the best techniques available in the current market are integrated into our highly efficient hybrid inverter. The machine is designed to smartly detect arc fault and prevent it from happening, with IP65 at the least, your inverter shall be protected against dust and water drop/ spray, etc.

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    4. We offer a complete solution and so much more

    The problem with an energy storage system is O&M because often time, such a system shall use an inverter from one brand and a battery from another brand, therefore, when there’s an issue, it’s hard to claim a warranty because it’s complicated to decide the problem caused by which brand.

    Understanding the issue, GoodWe develop its own lithium battery lines which can be compatible with our hybrid inverters. And customers can be benefited from our all-in-one solution where they can save cost and simpler both buying and managing the system.

    GoodWe is also ready to go far and beyond to meet our customers’ expectations with so much more benefits packed in 1 complete solution, from uninterrupted power to integrated export limit control and with just 1 app away from monitoring the system, our solution helps to maximize your self-use energy rate, simplify your daily life with an easy and worry-free lifestyle.

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    Choose GoodWe, choose effectively, choose safety, easy choice.

    “GoodWe’s energy storage system is great, stable and very high on efficiency. I have installed GoodWe’s hybrid inverter, ET series, from 2016 and encountered no problem at all, the system runs smoothly, quietly makes me feel very secure and happy, and allows me to have more fun at home with my family without worrying about the electric bill at all”, Mr. Tuan, GoodWe’s customers since 2016.

    New GoodWe ESS in 2022 – Da Nang, Vietnam – 5kW ES hybrid inverter – SECU-A lithium battery

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