Growth in Renewables Slowing Down Rise in Fossil Fuel Power Generation in India: Report

India Well Placed to Lead Green Energy Transition, Says Tata Chairman Chandrasekaran

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According to a report, India’s growth in solar and wind power has resisted the expansion of fossil fuel electricity generation by 3 percentage points during the first half 2022.


A report by an energy think tank based in the UK on Wednesday stated that renewables met all the global electricity demand growth in the first half 2022. This prevented any growth in gas and coal generation.

“The rise in wind and solar has prevented an increase of 4 percentage points worldwide in fossil fuel electricity generation… According to Ember, the report shows that India saw fossil fuel power rise by 9 percent, while it would have been 12% without the growth of wind and solar.

It said that India’s coal use rose 10% due to a sharp rise in electricity demand after the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

China saw a reduction of three percent in fossil fuel power due to the expansion in solar and wind energy.

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It slowed down fossil fuel power’s rise from 7 to 1 percent in the US.

The report stated that while fossil fuel power in the EU rose by 6 percent, it would have been 16% if there had not been growth in solar and wind.

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