BGFA Finances Electrification Project via Solar Home Systems in Liberia

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Multi-donor funding facility, Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa (BGFA), has signed an agreement with the off-grid solar energy provider Easy Solar Ltd to support a new electrification project in Liberia. Under the agreement, Easy Solar will leverage BGFA funding to supply solar home systems and appliances to 9,000 households in the country.


The deal with Easy Solar is the fourth project in Liberia that is contracted by the BGFA program. In total, four companies are under contract for the development of 94,000 off-grid energy connections by 2026. These projects aim to provide clean energy access for people living in Liberia’s rural and peri-urban areas.

BGFA program, established and managed by Helsinki-based financial institution Nefco, aims to kick-start markets for off-grid and clean energy in sub-Saharan Africa. According to Kari Hämekoski, Senior Program Manager at Nefco, BGFA’s four projects in Liberia will able to provide energy access for nearly 470,000 people living in remote communities.

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Easy Solar will scale up its business activities in Liberia using the pay-as-you-go business model with the help of BGFA’s grant. The Sierra Leone-based clean energy company plans to establish more than 9,000 new energy service subscriptions in the country over a period of four years. The product portfolio includes solar home systems for lighting, radio, television, mobile phone charging, and freezers as well as water pumping solutions for the productive use of electricity.

Alexandre Tourre, CEO & Co-Founder of Easy Solar Ltd, said, as a distributor operating one of the largest off-grid retail networks in West Africa, the company is proud to partner with BGFA. With the help of new funding, Easy Solar will scale up its activities and deepen its penetration in Liberia.

The BGFA-financed project will help to improve the affordability of off-grid and reliable energy solutions in Liberia. In the long term, the project will support higher education standards and create new employment opportunities in the country through the productive use of energy.

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To date, the BGFA has contracted a total of eleven clean energy projects from its first funding round, which opened in 2020 in Burkina Faso, Liberia, and Zambia, with further projects under negotiation. The program also has been carrying out funding rounds in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Mozambique, and Uganda.

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