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    Ecoppia’s Client Data Hub – Visibility through Data Collection


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    PV module cleaning can be affected by several factors such as rain or extreme sandstorms, but it’s hard to truly analyze the performance without information from the field. For site owners with automated cleaning systems, being able to see how their cleaning robots are performing in remote locations, makes the power of robotic cleaning more tangible. With the added visibility, site owners no longer have to wait for site managers to communicate secondhand information about robotic performance. 


    Ecoppia provides its clients with a robust data hub, hosted on a cloud-based platform to allow continuous monitoring. Data collection, Ecoppia believes, not only gives managers added visibility, but with a well-designed dashboard replete with analytics, it becomes a meaningful way to engage with and understand onsite cleaning operations.

    This additional but essential service gives site owners and managers access to all they need to know in order to evaluate cleaning performance, availability, and challenges of the system – on both a macro site level, all the way down to the micro level, examining individual units. Ecoppia’s client data hub was designed to summarize data collected from several sources including its robots, technicians on the ground and the cloud-based master control, with all the data converging in a single dashboard. From the dashboard, they can view information about cleaning times, weather conditions, and other relevant performance insights as well as reports highlighting the relevant takeaways. 

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    There’s a wealth of knowledge at one’s fingertips, and when site owners log into the Data Hub, they can see more in-depth information, such as malfunction and service summaries, and cleaning logs. Being able to view drilled-down details enables site owners to understand what is happening with site operation and maintenance on a small scale such as daily or weekly, as well as over the long run, empowering them to learn what levels of performance can be considered relatively normal.

    Another insight the dashboard allows is tracking over Ecoppia’s local maintenance team attends to any malfunctions as well as preventative maintenance performed; The data flood enables also advanced predictive maintenance program, detecting and alerting on potential future malfunctions, preventing downtime, and therefore maintaining the highest cleaning availability rate in the market.

    Additionally, the client’s Data Hub can be an extremely useful tool for project developers as they expand their solar site portfolio.  By using Ecoppia’s dashboards, various sites’ performances can be compared, and site conditions regarding cleaning solutions performance can be analyzed. Since a lot of the data is already analyzed, it becomes easier to understand when there are issues and compare different site challenges. For example, one could compare seasonal weather conditions and how that might impact availability or soiling levels in different terrains. 

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    Ecoppia’s Client’s Data Hub – Dashboard
    Ecoppia – Robotic Solar Cleaning Solution

    About Ecoppia

    For nearly a decade, and with over 16GW of agreements, Ecoppia is the pioneer and world leader in robotic cleaning solutions for PV, offering a cloud-based platform and a suite of advanced, fully autonomous robots cost-effectively maximizing the performance of utility-scale PV sites all over the world. Remotely managed and controlled, the Ecoppia platform allows solar sites to maintain peak performance with minimal costs and human intervention.

    Ecoppia in numbers

    • + 3,700MW deployed
    • + 16,000MW signed agreements
    • + 30 large-scale projects
    • 4 continents of operation
    • + 6 billion panels cleaned
    • 3 robotic platforms

    For more information, visit our website at www.ecoppia.com 

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