PIXON Envisions Globally Providing Efficient Solar Energy Products And Solutions


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    About PIXON:


    The company is equipped with a state-of-the-art turnkey manufacturing facility of 400 MW capacity and houses a cleanroom environment facility to a 1GW manufacturing line for EVA film. The company is backed by the strong financial background of its parent company – the Marwadi Shares & Finance Limited. The blend of a young team, under the guidance of experienced players, makes PIXON versatile for creative operations and futuristic innovations.PIXON envisions globally providing efficient solar energy products and solutions. Thus, contributing and enhancing Global Climate Sustainability.


    • To contribute and enhance Global Climate Sustainability, by promoting and providing solar energy solutions.
    • To promote the transition towards solar energy and thus reduce carbon footprint globally, fostering the betterment of our Earth’s ecosystem.
    • To constantly improvise and explore new technologies and their economical deployment to harness solar energy.


    To be a global leader in Solar Industry by providing efficient Solar Energy Solutions.

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    Our Values:

    • Quality and Integrity
    • Consistency
    • Innovation
    • Accountability
    • Transparency.

    Advanced Manufacturing System:

    Automation: Manufacturing facility of 400 MW along with minimal human interference.

    Computation: Very well-equipped data analysis for forwarding integration and Reverse engineering tracking.

    Artificial Intelligence: Advanced MES that provides production, quality and stringent quality control systems.


    PIXON’s industrial entity is well spread and equipped with smart tech to enhance processes and security.

    • The industry is spread over 65,000 sq. m of land.
    • Fully automated Machinery with minimum human intervention.
    • In-house Raw Material Production for quality control.
    • In-house skilled R&D team.
    • Spacious warehousing stacking 20+ MW of modules & raw materials.
    • Smart warehousing ready for delivery & dispatch

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