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Desert Technologies Group Launches ‘Nurun Digital Energy’ And Launches Its New Product, “Sahara”

A file photo of Desert Technologies Group Launches 'Nurun Digital Energy' And Launches Its New Product, “Sahara”

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Desert Technologies Group, a global leader in renewable energy solutions, announced the launch of “Nurun digital energy” as a new company to be added to the group’s companies. Through this launch, the company presented its new product “Sahara Solar Containers”, which has won several Local and international awards. This comes to expand Desert Technologies’ services in the field of solar energy, in line with Saudi Arabia’s directions in the field of renewable energy and the goals of its Vision 2030, the National Energy Program, and the King Salman Initiative for Renewable Energy, as well as the requirements of the regional and global market. This was done on the sidelines of its participation in the sixth edition of the Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference, held at the King Abdulaziz Convention Center in Riyadh from October 25th to the 27th, under the slogan “Investing in Humanity – Enabling a New World Order” with the participation of more than six thousand participants, five hundred speakers.


According to the statement issued by Desert Technologies, the launch of “Nurun” and the official announcement of its product “Sahara” came during the sixth edition of the Future Investment Initiative conference, given the global importance of this international event, in light of Saudi Arabia’s goals to invest and grow in the field of alternative energy and its support for the private sector to localize national industries in various fields, especially solar energy.

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In a statement on this occasion, Mr. Khaled Sharbatly, CEO of Nurun Digital Energy, said, “Nurun digital energy, which is the first Saudi company to launch solar containers for electricity generation and provides high-efficiency model solutions to provide energy outside the electrical grid, has taken upon itself a commitment to work on transforming markets outside the electrical grid into markets based on
clean and renewable energy, in order to achieve sustainable positive transformation, and bring about fundamental changes and positive repercussions on the environment.”

He added, “Since its establishment in 2011, Desert Technologies has been adopting the best international practices to develop effective and efficient renewable energy solutions. Today, we offer the Sahara off-grid and portable solar containers, available in three models: Sahara 35 kW, Sahara 60 kW, and Sahara 60 Plus, in addition to the container for charging electric cars. The models include solar modules, inverters, batteries, a controller, and solar panels that are installed on prefabricated structures. These can be easily placed on site to generate electricity easier, faster, and less costly, making them suitable for multiple uses in remote and rural areas, military camps, border control, support and strengthen the infrastructure for charging stations and Electric vehicles, energy security for the oil and gas sector, telecommunications towers, support for response teams and emergency relief services, remote islands and resorts, farmhouses and agricultural systems operation, water treatment, desalination and extraction, labor and refugee camps, street and road lighting, Sanitary utilities and cold stores, outdoor events and even electric planes.” He added that the company targets the markets of the GCC, Egypt, and the African continent, especially sub-Saharan countries, and developing Asian countries. Sahara Containers represent a highly efficient off-grid energy-saving solution.

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From his end, the CEO of Desert Technologies, Mr. Ahmed Al-Husseini, participated in the dialogue session held on the second day of the sixth edition of the Future Investment Initiative conference under the title “Impact: Adopting AI in the fight against climate change” powered by the Boston Consulting Group. In it, a number of Experts and participants stressed the importance of adopting artificial intelligence to face climate challenges, and participants pointed out that the corporate sector faces major challenges in its battle against climate change, as only 9% of companies have done a comprehensive measurement of their emissions, while the percentage of companies that have reduced their emissions during the past year is only 11%. The participants discussed several points, the most important of which are: the use of artificial intelligence to accelerate the achievement of zero emissions, the role of artificial intelligence in consolidating the trend for renewable energy, the most important trends that lead artificial intelligence in this sector, and the financial benefits of using artificial intelligence in the battle against climate change. The session also discussed the importance of strategies to prepare for the consequences of climate change, and the role of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence in enhancing the ability to face climate challenges in a vital way, to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

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