NTT India Invests $2 Bn To Boost ICT Infrastructure; Plans To Install 350 MW of Solar Energy


NTT India, a leading provider of tech and business solutions to clients, is going to invest around $2 billion into the building of information and communications infrastructures such as data centers, submarine cable landing stations, solar parks, and cloud computing capacity in the next three to four years.


In the last two years, NTT India has already invested over $800 million in the country into the ICT infrastructure. And according to Sharad Sanghi, NTT India MD & Senior EVP (Global Data Centers & Marine Cables), the company would invest over $500 million annually for the next four years in the Indian market.


“We will invest USD 500 million annually for the next four years in India. This is over and above the USD 800 million we have already infused in the last two years into ICT infrastructure.” Sharad Sanghi told PTI


The company is also exploring the option of setting up a cable landing station in Kolkata. NTT is the biggest data center player in India and has also launched the country’s first homegrown public cloud computing.

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NTT India has 12 data centers in India with a 150-MW IT load spread over 2.2 million sq ft. With the additional data centers, NTT will be able to double its capacity. Moreover, to keep in touch with its sustainability goals, NTT India would also leverage power from solar energy.

On renewables, the company official said NTT India would install 350 MW of solar energy, as the power load of its data centers are expected to touch 400 MW in a few years.

“We already have about 100 MW of installed solar power in Maharashtra, and have signed agreements to the tune of 350 MW with various solar power companies,” Sanghi said.

NTT already has about 100 MW of installed solar power in Maharashtra. In Kolkata, NTT has secured 7.5 acres of land at ‘Silicon Valley’ in New Town, where a hyperscale data center campus will come up in phases.

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