Ayana Renewables and NTPC – Winning Bidders In MSEDCL’s 250 MW RE with Storage Auction


Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL), in the month of August had invited Long Term bids for Procurement of 250 MW Flexible and Schedulable Power from Renewable Energy Sources with Energy Storage Facility with Green Shoe Option through Tariff based bidding process on e-Bidding portal.


Ayana Renewables and NTPC Renewable Energy are selected as the winning bidders in above auction.


Both bidders quoted a tariff of Rs. 9.0/kWh. NTPC Renewable Energy won 100 MW whereas Ayana Renewables got 150 MW.


Projects selected under this RfS will be eligible for two-part tariffs. These will be referred to as “NonSolar Generation Hours Tariff” and “Solar Generation Hours Tariff” as defined in the RfS.


Energy suplied during the Solar Generation Hours will be eligible for a flat tariff payment of Rs. 2.42/kWh.

Any excess generation that exceeds 10% in the annual capacity utilisation factor can be sold to any other organisation by the winning bidders. MSEDCL will however have the first refusal.

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If the winning bidder’s energy supply during non-solar generation hours is more than 600 MWh per 100 MW contracted capacity, MSEDCL will charge 75% of the rate.

To distribute the energy, it will use both solar and nonsolar power to schedule power. It must supply daily 600 MWh per 100 MW contract capacity during non-solar energy hours.

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