JREDA Floats Tender For Developing 1.6 MW Solar Carport At Ranchi HC

JREDA Floats Tender For Developing 1.6 MW Solar Carport At Ranchi HC

The tender for a 1.6 MW grid-connected solar carport in the parking lot of the New Jharkhand High Court, Ranchi, has been put out to bid by the Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA). The potential cost of the project is Rs. 114.1 million.


The deadline for submitting proposals is December 20, 2022, and the day of the bid opening is December 22.


All bidders, with the exception of Jharkhand-based micro and small enterprises (MSE), are required to submit an Rs. 2.28 million earnest money deposit.


Prior to receiving payment for installation, successful bidders are required to provide a performance guarantee equal to 5% of the project value and a security deposit equal to 10% of the project’s value within 15 days of the work order.


While the winning MSE bidder is required to deposit 1% of the assigned work order value as security and to offer a 2.5% performance guarantee.

Laying and testing 440V cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) cables as well as commissioning them up to the high court substation are all included in the work scope.

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At the 440V substation, a metering setup will be offered to track net power evacuation.

The project must be finished in 6 months, and the developers have to provide extensive operation and maintenance services for 5 years.

After the first 10 years and after 25 years following the end of the trial run, each solar module must be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for at least 90% and 80% of its rated power, respectively.

Additionally, each module’s rating must be at least 400 Wp. The monocrystalline modules ought to be 17% efficient or more and have a factor of more than 70%.

Bidders must have experience finishing at least 3 projects with a cost of at least 40%, 2 projects with a cost of at least 50%, or one project with a cost of no less than 80% of the present project’s anticipated cost, to partake in the competitive bidding.

Bidders must have also installed solar carports with individual minimum capacities of 100 kW throughout the previous 7 fiscal years, which should be functioning for at least 6 months.

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The past 3 fiscal years’ average annual turnover of the bidder must equal 30% of the expected cost of bidding capacity, and the net worth must be at least 10% of the project’s value.

The MSE bidders’ financial conditions have been lowered. They must have a turnover of 10% of the bidding capacity and a net worth that is at least 5% of the project’s cost.

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