National Bank Of Fujairah Installs Solar Panels At Its Offices


NBF, National Bank of Fujairah is placing sustainability at the core of its Environmental, Social, and Governance Agenda. It takes decisive action both internally and externally to decrease its environmental impact on the planet and empowers individuals and communities throughout the UAE to do so.


NBF’s retail division is helping customers make green choices by providing innovative and more sustainable products and services. These include automotive loans for owners who own fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicles, as well as personal loans.


NBF also looks inwards as it seeks to reduce its carbon footprint, and minimize its environmental impact. Solar water heaters were installed in NBF branches. This has led to energy savings of 960,000 KWH, and a decrease of 800,000 kgs in C02 emissions. NBF also implemented green initiatives in its offices, including installing solar panels to provide electricity and solar-powered signage. Standard lighting was replaced with sensor-activated LED lamps. Recycling centers were established, as well as electric car parking.

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Chairman of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, and Head of Govt. & Liability Management, Wholesale Banking Group at NBF, Hassan Ibrahim Saadi Al Rais, said, “Sustainability is a key priority for us, and we are happy to back our words with action, by allocating resources towards initiatives that expand and accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices.”


NBF supports the UAE Energy Strategy 2050, which aims to transform the country’s economy by including more green initiatives. Its ESG agenda aligns well with the sustainability pillars of UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment.

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