Egypt’s Renewable Energy Production Accounted For 29.6% Of The Total Energy Mix


According to official data, Egypt’s renewable energy production accounted for 29.6% of the total energy mix. It reached a peak of nearly 10.08 gigawatts in 2022.


The total electricity production is estimated at 33.8 gigawatts and is expected to rise sharply after the completion of projects which were signed in the past months, according to the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company in a report published by local newspapers.


According to the government-owned company, Egypt’s primary renewable energy sources are solar, wind, as well as nuclear. A control centre for such projects is currently being built in Cairo at a cost of approximately 850 million Egyptian pounds.


According to a few newspapers, Egypt is also moving forward with projects to connect its power network with grids from nearby countries like Saudi Arabia, Libya, Sudan, Greece, and Cyprus.


November saw 16 Memoranda Of Understandings signed by Egypt and foreign companies for the development of new renewable energy projects, with a combined capacity of 55 GW.

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