Iran To Set Up Solar Parks Across 92 Industrial Estates


Ali Rasoulian, head of ISIPO, Iran Small Industries, and Industrial Parks Organizations, stated that solar parks will be established in 92 industrial estates throughout Iran.


Rasoulian stated that the land required for solar park construction has been identified in 92 industrial estates throughout the country.


The official said that ISIPO was ready to give investors the land to build solar farms, and all permits necessary to connect them with the power grid.


Rasoulian stated that the program for the establishment and maintenance of the parks mentioned has been developed and is being implemented in collaboration with Iran’s SATBA, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization.


He explained that if a businessperson has lands in an industrial area and cannot construct a production facility there, they can use the land for solar farms. The ISIPO will also support the project.

The development of renewable power plants within industrial parks will be a practical solution to meet the power needs of the industrial sector. It will also prevent outages during peak consumption periods.

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“If we develop solar energy plants in industrial parks, they will be able to remain active during peak consumption periods by reducing their consumption under the supervision of the industrial parks themselves,” Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, Energy Ministry’s Spokesman For Electricity Industry stated earlier this year.

Rajabi Mashhadi said, “Reducing electricity consumption by industries located in the industrial park during peak hours is essential, but it must be done so that solar power plants located in settlements do not get cut off, and power plants should remain connected to the national grid during peak periods.”

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