John Cockerill Concludes a Strategic Agreement to Develop Green Hydrogen Plant in Morocco


John Cockerill, a world leader in alkaline electrolyzers, and a leading Moroccan energy company have reached an agreement to create a joint venture offering integrated green hydrogen solutions in Morocco. In particular, it will include an alkaline electrolyser manufacturing plant that will be the first of its kind in Africa.


This collaboration allows John Cockerill to contribute to the Moroccan and global objectives for green hydrogen and renewable energy.


The agreement signed aims in particular at the creation of a gigafactory dedicated to the manufacture of electrolyzers for the creation of an integrated green hydrogen industry in Morocco.


From this plant, John Cockerill and its partner will jointly develop a value chain dedicated to green hydrogen in Morocco, allowing at the same time the development of local expertise and jobs in this field.


The joint venture will have large-scale manufacturing capabilities for high-powered alkaline electrolyzers (5MW+/Stack Electrolyzer) that will also enable the production of green hydrogen at the best price. These developments in the hydrogen industry will help the local large industries in the implementation of a national energy ecosystem focused on renewable energy (photovoltaic and wind).

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The establishment of the plant is based on John Cockerill’s extensive experience through its other plants around the world and its ability to offer high-capacity hydrogen production solutions to its customers.

Raphaël TILOT, Executive Chairman John Cockerill Hydrogen said, “We are honored to be able to contribute to the energy transition in Morocco. Just like the Kingdom’s great successes in the aerospace and automotive industries, we are determined to establish such a local ecosystem around hydrogen technologies together.”

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