GreenYellow Vietnam Signs Solar Power Purchase Agreement

A file photo of GreenYellow Vietnam Signs Solar Power Purchase Agreement With Garment 10

GreenYellow Vietnam successfully signed a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) Contract with Garment 10 Thanh Hoa.


Member of the Board of Directors, and General Director of Garment 10 Corporation shared with GreenYellow team that, “After every photo we take is a story we tell the next generation. And these photos are the story of effort, of the efforts that GreenYellow and May 10 made together for the transition to renewable energy in the May 10 factory chain, starting with the 10 Thanh Garment Factory.”


GreenYellow was founded in Paris, France as a start-up company, founded by Otmane Hajji, the company’s current president.


In just 3 years, GreenYellow (Vietnam) has signed more than 40 projects with many famous companies in Vietnam. We look forward to continuing to grow to achieve excellence for the best interests of our customers.


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