JDC, COREnergy Launches First Solar-Powered Commercial Building In Cebu

A file photo of JDC, COREnergy launch first solar-powered commercial building in Cebu.

JEG Development Corporation (JDC), in partnership with Vivant COREnergy Inc. (COREnergy), launched the 37kWp (kilowatt peak) rooftop solar installation that powers the daytime energy demand of 22-storey JEG Tower, One Acacia.


The JEG Tower grid-tied solar project is expected to produce 77 MWh of energy annually while avoiding 30 metric tons of carbon dioxide emission each year.


JEG Tower, the first commercial high-rise building in Cebu powered by solar energy, received the highest Gold score in Cebu City under the LEED rating system for green buildings and is the fifth operating distributed solar project of COREnergy in Cebu.


JDC President Marko Sarmiento stated that the JEG Tower’s pioneering solar roof solution is in line with LEED Gold-certified building green initiatives. He also noted that other developers will see the benefits of solar energy and be able to use the project to help them power their buildings.


Sarmiento stated that it is more than just being the first commercial building to use solar energy. It is also our contribution to the community and our commitment to our environment.

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Vivant’s general manager Kevin Lamela explained that Vivant will sell solar energy to JEG Tower for no capital outlay, unlike other business lines in which the transaction is “purchase or general contracting.” Vivant is pushing for other facilities throughout the country.

“That’s why it’s attractive for us developers that we don’t put any capex into the facility so COREnergy actually builds the plant for me and we just buy power from them at an even lower rate than what the utility provider is charging,” stated Tomas Tan as general manager of JDC.

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