GoodWe’s Long-standing Perseverance In The Pursuit Of Quality Has Paid Back Well: James Hou, Head of Sales – GoodWe India & SEA

Mr. James Hou- Head of Sales – GoodWe India & SEA

Conversation Highlights:


GoodWe welcomes the New Year with high spirits and celebrates the success and victories of 2022.


GoodWe’s never say die attitude helped sail through the rough tides and land in safe waters.


We also received the letter of Trust & Appreciation from 100+clients.


How will you conclude the year 2022 for GoodWe India?

2022 was an enthralling year for GoodWe with lots of ups, downs and lessons embedded in each day of the year. GoodWe team thoroughly enjoyed the sustainable ride in 2022 with a versatile and dynamic range of activities, customer interactions and new client associations.

Tell us about the biggest achievements, challenges, and learnings for GoodWe in 2022.

In 2022, GoodWe celebrated some important milestones like 4-year anniversary of Cochin International Airport, participated in some major events & exhibitions in India like the Renewable Energy India Expo’22, Intersolar, KREEPA expo etc. We also received the letter of Trust & Appreciation from 100+ clients.

The biggest challenge was to maintain the smooth supply of inverters despite the unrest going in the world due to war, fluctuating economies and shortage of certain raw materials needed for our inverters. But GoodWe’s “never say die” attitude helped us sail through the rough tides and land in safe waters.

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In previous years, some distractions led us to think that some segments of the Indian solar market were only driven by the low price, without quality being valued enough. In recent years, many old clients come back particularly asking for GoodWe inverters for their new projects, based on the confidence they’ve gathered from the reliability of the inverters they’ve installed. Our long-standing perseverance in the pursuit of quality has paid back well. And we will continue to stick to the same philosophy.

Present some noteworthy projects, case studies of solar plants built using your solar inverter in 2022.

Apart from the 10MW Cochin Airport Project, we did in 2018 and many other important C&I Projects in MW size that we supplied through TATA Power, a recent noteworthy project I would like to mention particularly is our first-of-its-kind Single Axis solar tracker project with Bi-Facial solar panels done for Seven Solar Energy and end customer Excel Ceramic in Jamnagar, Gujarat – India. This 1.8MW project is eyeing on 24% Plant Load Factor over the years, which will be the highest yield among present plants. Its unique design helps reduce maintenance effort and cost. The plant is powered by GoodWe 250KW -1500VDC inverters with a Fuseless design and real-time string monitoring. The Inverters are enabled with a Smart PID recovery feature which will support the complete plant to work on higher performance by reducing the effect of PID on modules. Power line carrier communication (PLCC) was adopted for communication to reduce maintenance effort, cost, and achieve flawless monitoring & operations. GoodWe provided its 250kW inverter, which is compatible with high-power modules, has Smart O&M along with enhanced safety.

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How is GoodWe welcoming the new year? What are the hopes and expectations for 2023?

GoodWe welcomes the New Year with high spirits and celebrates the success and victories of 2022. Also, implementing learnings from the past year and trying to know its customers better each day.

We hope that the awareness for a sustainable future grows among the people and more adoption of clean and green energy happens around the world. Ultimately GoodWe’s core is driving the global energy transition and building sustainable communities, as we say – Create Together, Win Together!

Share your strategic thoughts on GoodWe’s plan to achieve its goal in 2023.

With the global supply chain being restored and Covid impacts coming to an end, we believe the Indian market will see a robust re-bounce. Also, the solar panel supply shall be greatly improved with further expansion of India’s local production, as well as exemption on imports of Chinese modules. The residential market will continue to have the toughest competition on price. The commercial segment will also grow as the components’ prices come down. But it will show more respect for brand value and track record. Utility projects shall again weigh more than 80% of the total share, with a few selected vendors to participate. GoodWe will continue to play a key role in all segments. With the unique reputation we’ve established in the C&I sector, the acceptance of the GoodWe brand in utility as well as residential has always been at a very high level.

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