India Poised to Attract Over USD 20 Billion in Renewable Energy Investment in 2023: Industry Estimates


Industry experts at the REConIndia 2023 renewable energy conference have highlighted India’s potential to attract investment of more than USD 20 billion in renewables this year, stressing the need for a robust framework for sustainable power.


The conference, organised by Blue Circle, brought together experts, stakeholders and industry leaders to discuss the key issues, challenges and opportunities in renewable energy in India.


A white paper will be produced on solar power challenges, the roadmap to make green hydrogen viable, propelling wind energy and the state of green financing in India.


India has significant opportunities to unlock by utilising wasteland for setting up solar projects, said Alexander Hogeveen Rutter, Private Sector Specialist, International Solar Alliance. A strong framework for the development of solar projects on wasteland can help build a sustainable and self-reliant India, Rutter suggested.


The development of floating solar fields is another area of exploration, which presents a unique advantage, he said.

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