Conrad Energy’s 25 MW Battery Energy Storage Site Successfully Energised in Blackpool


Conrad Energy have taken another step forward in support of the UK’s transition to net zero. Mike Denman, Head of Construction, is pleased to confirm that 25 MW 50 MWh battery energy storage site (BESS) in Blackpool was successfully energised to Electricity North West’s (ENWL) 33kV network in late January, following stringent pre-commissioning and functional testing of the safety critical features of the plant, and satisfying UK grid compliance testing requirements.


Battery storage is a vital ingredient for the stabilisation of the grid, in line with the transition to renewable and low carbon energy. Battery storage technology has advanced in recent years, allowing it to fulfil its crucial role in maximising the usefulness of renewable energy, by flattening out some of the curves in supply created by weather fluctuations.


Steve Conry, Chief Operating Officer, said that “when operational, the project will support the energy transition by both solving the problem of matching intermittent energy supply with varying grid demand and by providing essential ancillary services such as Dynamic Containment, Dynamic Regulation and Dynamic Moderation.”

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Once the site is fully operational it will be handed over to our Operations and Maintenance teams to ensure it remains at optimal performance, with the power it stores being traded on the markets by our in-house optimisation team.


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