ALEC Energy And Solar Earth Partners To Bring Robust Pavement-Integrated Photovoltaic Solutions To GCC


ALEC Energy partnered with Solar Earth to bring the most robust pavement-integrated photovoltaic (PIPV), solution to the region. This partnership furthered ALEC Energy’s commitment to innovation in clean energy production. This partnership will allow governments and private companies to solarize large amounts of all hardscape infrastructure, such as roads, pavements, plazas, and parking lots, and turn them into clean energy-generating assets.


Basar Kayali, General Manager of ALEC Energy said, “While the GCC has enjoyed a perpetual abundance of sunshine, traditional solar panels have restricted the potential to unlock this source of clean energy. Together with Solar Earth, today we are changing the definition of photovoltaic solutions and opening up new possibilities for their deployment. We are helping to usher in a new age of solar energy production. It is not limited to large solar farms or commercial facilities. It can also be seamlessly integrated into the vast array of residential, commercial, municipal, and residential infrastructures that have been built.”

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Solar Earth panels can withstand skids and, unlike traditional counterparts that are susceptible to weather and weight fluctuations of up to 5 tonnes, are extremely durable. These panels allow public and private sector organizations to transform the traditional infrastructure that has sunk costs into revenue-generating, dual-use surfaces. ALEC Energy made the decision to bring the technology to the GCC after months of extensive evaluation and feasibility studies in order to ensure that the technology was a good fit for the region’s needs.


The announcement was made at the ALEC Group modular construction facility in Dubai. Gabriel Jabbour, Trade Commissioner at the Consulate General in Canada in Dubai, attended the event. ALEC Energy used 24m2 solar cells to charge a Tesla car with a 22kW charger as a demonstration of its pavement-integrated photovoltaic (PIPV). ALEC Energy launched the construction of a peak solar plant of 461 kilowatts at its modular construction factory to generate enough energy for all of the facility’s needs.

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Damarys Zampini, representative of Solar Earth said, “With the GCC countries clearly stating their intentions to reach Net Zero by 2050, regional governments have turned to the private sector to lead the way in responsible energy production. We are delighted to see the UAE take the lead in innovation, clean electricity, and net zero action. Our partnership with ALEC Energy and the landing our first shipment in UAE sets the tone for COP28. It also shows the country’s commitment not only to talking but actually doing its Net Zero goals.”

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