UBP Energy Development And Huawei Digital Power Thailand Partner To Create Fully Digitalized PV Systems For Thailand’s Carbon Neutrality Roadmap

A file photo of UBP Energy Development and Huawei Digital Power Thailand Partner to Create Fully Digitalized PV Systems for Thailand's Carbon Neutrality Roadmap

UBP Energy Development has joined hands with Huawei Digital Power Thailand to create fully digitalized PV systems using Huawei’s advanced Smart PV technologies, which will be able to offer Thailand better access to stable clean power generation and clean power supply. This is expected to bring forward advanced PV solutions for future net zero emission projects in Thailand.


The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Mr. Thanate Poompo, Chief Executives Officer of UBP Energy Development Co., Ltd., and Mr. Logan Yu, President of Digital Power Business, Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., to mark the start of a long-term partnership between the two parties.

This milestone is well-aligned with the ongoing energy revolution trend and Thailand’s significant goal towards the carbon neutrality 2050 roadmap. The just-concluded COP27 sends a strong signal for a new world energy order. The transition to renewable energy is driven by green, low-carbon energy resources, and the integration of digital and power electronics technologies in electric power generation, transmission, and consumption. This will not only push forward industrial and social innovation but also empower and awaken enterprises and individuals to embrace a greener future.

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Under this aforementioned partnership, both companies will share their expertise and solutions in the solar industry to contribute to the roadmap of the carbon neutrality of Thailand, mainly targeting inverters and BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems). It is expected to increase the performance of PV technologies, while significantly decrease the cost of operation. This collaboration will accelerate the transformation of the energy industry through the best-in-class solutions and services implement by both parties, providing advanced PV solutions that support Thailand’s roadmap to creating a carbon-neutral and smart city.


Mr. Thanate Poompo, Chief Executives Officer of UBP Energy Development, highlighted this MoU signing, “UBP has long looked for a partner that possessed the capacity to deliver inverter and BESS that meet our high criteria and standards, and Huawei, being one of the leading global PV solutions providers, is able to do so. Together, we will deliver one of the best PV technologies with integrated IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligent), Energy Efficiency Platform, and more. This collaboration is expected to launch advanced and comprehensive PV solutions to support future rooftop and utility projects in Thailand, ensuring stable and secure clean energy generation and supply for the future fully-decarbonized Thailand.”

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Huawei further reiterates its commitment to powering a low-carbon and sustainable Thailand through digital power solutions and ecosystem collaboration. Mr. Logan Yu, President of the Digital Power Business of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., added, “Huawei Digital Power is committed to integrating digital and power electronics technologies to drive the energy transition and build a greener and brighter future. We currently provide diversified solutions for solar rooftops and solar farms/floating in Thailand and have helped reduce over a million tons of carbon emissions in Thailand so far. With our background in solar energy solutions, we plan to utilize our knowledge, appliances, and experiences to support UBP in supplying one of the most advanced solar and energy storage solutions in Thailand.”

“As partners, we are glad to share our resources with UBP, an experienced company in the PV market with over 10 years of experience. We hope this collaboration will bring forward the most advanced solutions and services in Thailand and accelerate the transformation of a carbon-neutral Thailand.”

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In the next decade, humans will enter a new era of digital power. The digital and energy sectors will merge on a fundamental level, creating an energy revolution. Through win-win partnerships similar to the UBP and Huawei MoU, the green ICT technology will empower green development, and contribute to a better green and intelligent Thailand.

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