TeraLight And Sun’Agri Partner To Boost Agrivoltaics Projects In Israel


TeraLight, an Israeli renewable energy firm, and Sun’Agri of France have announced a strategic partnership in Israel’s field agrivoltaics. This is a study that examines the relationship between solar panels as well as crops and how they can improve each other’s performance. This collaboration will encourage joint projects with farmers as well as agricultural communities. Two pilot projects in agrivoltaic will be conducted by the companies by the end of 2023.


This partnership will combine TeraLight’s expertise in solar-energy construction and project development with Sun’Agri’s dynamic software for managing solar fields. This software adjusts the angle of the panels to provide dynamic shading and microclimate control. It works in real-time to find the right balance between electricity production and plant needs.

Rani Lifshitz, TeraLight CEO, stated that “this strategic partnership with Sun’Agri allows TeraLight’s moshavim and kibbutzim as well as agricultural landowners throughout Israel a significant value proposition.”


TeraLight will contribute its expertise in building solar projects to this framework. It also has connections with the Moshav movement. Sun’Agri is a French company that has extensive experience in agrivoltaics and will contribute to the partnership its proven expertise, technological solutions, and professional knowledge. Together, we will build a substantial backlog of projects for Israel,” Lifshitz stated.

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Bar Weiss, CEO of Sun’Agri Israel, highlighted the benefits that the partnership will bring to Israel’s agriculture.

Weiss stated, “We are excited to offer our agrivoltaics knowledge to TeraLight and bring agrivoltaics projects and pilots in Israel to a higher stage, faster. We share a strong track record of high-end innovation and have earned a reputation for excellence. We offer a solid and reassuring [solution] for every farmer community that wants to start its agrivoltaics project, with an emphasis upon high-quality agricultural production.”

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