Pangasinan Government Signs Agreement For $503 Million Solar Power Projects


The Pangasinan provincial government has signed a joint agreement for development with URIT Limited Philippines Corporation, CS First Green Agri-Industrial Development Inc., and China Energy International Group to establish solar power projects totalling US$503 million.


In a Friday statement, Ramon Guico III, Governor announced that solar power plants will be built in the towns of Dasol and Infanta.

He said, “There’s an energy crisis looming. There have been power outages in some parts of the province. Pangasinan will play a major role in meeting the energy needs of our country.”


According to Guico, the projects will add 321 megawatts to the renewable energy requirements for the province by 2027. Guico stated that it was part of the economic agenda of the Provincial Economic Development and Investment Promotion Office.


He said, “We welcome more investors. The reason that we first set up our PEDIPO Department headed by lawyer Raymundo Bautista is to encourage many more investors to put their money in the province.” 

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Andy Wu, China Energy International, said that the project could be operational as early as 2026 or even 2027.

The sunshine in Pangasinan makes it a great place for Solar Power Plants. He said that he hoped the project could be completed before 2026 or 2027.

Cezar Quiambao is a Special Consultant for the Office of the governor. He said that the solar projects will result in a reduction in electricity prices, which will be a great help to the progress of the province’s economy.

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