SolaX Power Unveils X1-Hybrid LV: The Efficient and Flexible Hybrid Inverter for Low-Voltage Solar Systems


SolaX Power, a global leader in solar inverter manufacturing, recently launched its newest innovation, X1-Hybrid LV, at a live product launch event held on April 25. Designed to provide high efficiency for low-voltage solar PV systems, X1-Hybrid LV is a valuable addition to SolaX’s solar products portfolio and boasts many impressive features that are sure to impress customers.


As a single-phase low-voltage hybrid inverter for residential applications, X1-Hybrid LV 3-6kW is able to operate at a much lower voltage compared to traditional inverters. With two MPPTs and a maximum MPPT current of 16A, it supports high-power solar panels. It
delivers a 200% PV oversizing input, up to 110% overloading output, and a 200% peak EPS apparent power for up to 10s, making it a reliable backup power solution. Moreover, it can be connected in parallel with up to 10 inverters for both on-grid and off-grid operations.

Another striking feature of X1-Hybrid LV is its fresh design that comes in various vibrant and eye-catching shell color options, complete with a full-color LCD touchscreen and a user-friendly interface for easy operation and control.

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As a low-voltage hybrid inverter, X1-Hybrid LV supports a nominal battery voltage of 48V and is compatible with multiple battery solutions, including lithium, lead-acid, gel, and lead-carbon batteries. Its performance is enhanced when used together with SolaX
batteries, such as T-BAT-SYS-LV R2.5 and T-BAT-SYS-LV R3.6. which has a stackable design. This enables customers to expand their energy storage capacity and have access to backup power during blackouts or periods of low solar power generation. With SolaX Cloud, customers can achieve smart energy management for one-stop monitoring of PV panels, batteries, generators, etc.

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Safety is always a top priority for SolaX, so X1-Hybrid LV is designed to be robust and secure. Its IP65 protection degree allows it to work smoothly even in harsh environments. It is equipped with integrated SPD and optional AFCI protection, ensuring the safety of the system and its users.

SolaX has built a reputation for providing high-quality solar solutions, and the launch of X1-Hybrid LV emphasizes SolaX’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement to meet the needs of its customers. With its ultra-efficiency, fresh design, flexible adaptability, and solid safety features, X1-Hybrid LV is sure to be a popular choice for customers looking for an efficient and reliable solar solution.

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