How Jinko Solar introduced an Energy Storage Solution That Matches the C&I MENA Market Needs


    Jinko Solar, the well-known #1 PV panels manufacturer and technology provider, has been in the energy storage business since 2020 delivering tailor-made energy storage solutions to EPCs and Project Developers, shaping the technology and solution design capabilities to meet the region’s needs.


    The company has both Air-Cooled & Liquid-Cooled battery solutions, each type provides both AC DC coupling capabilities with PV arrays, which provides flexibility for the EPCs & Developers without forcing them to pay extra money for capabilities the project does not require. This flexibility saves a lot of CAPEX compared to standardized solutions existing in the market today.

    An intelligent Energy Management System is also included in the solutions, this is to enable the highest level of flexibility and to ensure optimized energy dispatching between different energy sources (PV, Grid, DGs, & Batteries) to supply the load demand. The option to have a solid, dynamic and cloud-monitored EMS included in the solution eliminates many challenges faced during the testing & commissioning phases.

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    Jinko Solar C&I ESS solutions are considered the most dynamic and applications friendly ones, they can perform in On-Grid, Off-Grid applications with seamless transfer between the different modes, which enables the deployment of such solutions in various applications, such as:

    1. Peak Shaving solar and wind energy productions.
    2. Microgrid primary energy resource, thanks to the intelligent EMS.
    3. Fuel-saving existing Diesel Generator (DG) supplied loads, by reducing the working hours of the DGs.
    4. On-Grid connectivity; either for zero-export applications or to ensure a continuous supply for the loads during utility grid blackouts.
    5. Peak & Valley arbitrage in regions with variable electricity tariffs during the day.

    Additionally, the company provides both a (5) years standard product warranty and a (10) years performance warranty for their solutions, both warranties are extendable up to (15) years! Jinko Solar aims to serve best by providing reliable, high-quality and optimized energy storage solutions for their partners in the MENA region.

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