Gautam Solar Unveils its Cutting Edge Solar Modules to be Exhibited at Intersolar Europe


Gautam Solar, one of the top 10 solar manufacturers in India, have launched N-type TOPCon (Tunnel oxide passivated contact) and Mono PERC Solar Modules to be exhibited at Intersolar Europe, a leading exhibition for the solar industry. The solar modules are anticipated to disrupt the European Solar Module Market. Interested developers, EPC companies, and distributors can check out the top-of-the-line solar module exhibit at Booth B0.135 from 14-16th June in Munich.


These modules are produced at the modern manufacturing facilities of Gautam Solar, located in India. The TOPCon Solar Modules are available in the following  ranges:

  • 420 Wp – 435 Wp for Distributors, EPC, Developers in Residential, Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Segment &
  • 565 Wp – 580 Wp for Utility Scale and Large C &I Customers.

Germany-based Fraunhofer ISE Insitute pioneered the N-Type TOPCon technology. The standout benefit of such modules is that they are capable of generating more power, compared to P-type modules, even though they are of the same size. As a result, N-Type modules can provide more energy per unit area. Moreover, there is a significant amount of research and investigations being carried out in TOPCon solar modules, resulting in the technology improving progressively. 

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Investing in higher power modules in the same area is a smart choice for residential, commercial, and industrial (C&I) owners with fixed rooftop space. They can generate more solar energy without expanding their rooftop area. For utility-scale developers and large-scale C&I customers, these modules offer the advantage of generating more power from the same land area. Additionally, these modules are compact and easy to handle during transportation and installation, leading to reduced breakage rates and lower labour costs.

There are four variants of Gautam Solar’s 420 Wp – 435 Wp TOPCon Solar Modules : 

  • All Black, 
  • Silver Frame, 
  • Glass-to-Glass Bifacial and 
  • Light weight Bifacial. 

They have a compact design, meeting local requirements with an area under 2 m2. The All Black Solar Modules have a unique design featuring a black backsheet and black anodized aluminium alloy frame, providing a stylish alternative to the conventional white backsheet and silver anodized frame. The Glass-to-Glass bifacial modules can generate up to 10-30% more power from the rear side. When combined with N-Type TOPCon technology, they can provide a remarkable 37% increase in power. The Lightweight Bifacial Modules, equipped with a high-quality transparent backsheet, offer rear-side power generation while keeping the module weight low, making handling easier. These modules consist of 108 half-cut cells based on M10 wafer technology.

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For utility and large C&I projects aiming to maximize power generation, Gautam Solar offers 565 Wp – 580 Wp Solar Modules. These modules feature 144 half-cut cells based on M10 wafer technology.

Gautam Solar also provides the newly launched 400-415 Wp Mono PERC Modules, available in an All-Black Design. These modules offer sustainable and clean energy without reducing aesthetic appeal.

All of Gautam Solar’s modules undergo rigorous processes and factory-level automation. They utilize Round Ribbon technology for better light utilization, Non-Destructive Cell Cutting for enhanced reliability and reduced chances of micro-cracks, and Half-Cut Cell Technology for improved performance in low-light conditions. The optimized module size using M10 Cells ensures efficient space utilization in a standard 40 ft. container during transportation.

“Gautam Solar has long been heralded as a technologically driven brand with its strong R&D base. The company has multiple Intellectual Properties (IPs), including patents and design registrations to its name. The launch of our N-type TOPCon and All Black Solar Modules is in line with our proactive approach. Europe is an important market for Indian Solar Module Manufacturers and our new products with higher efficiencies are ideal for Europe.” said Gautam Mohanka, CEO of Gautam Solar

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