Pioneering Renewable Energy Solutions for a Sustainable Future with SOFAR


    SOFAR is a global leading supplier of solar PV and energy storage solutions and is committed to be the leader of digital energy solutions. SOFAR supports the transition to renewable energy through a comprehensive portfolio including PV inverters ranging from 1kW to 255kW, hybrid inverters ranging from 3kW to 20kW, battery storage systems, utility ESS and smart energy management solutions for residential, C&I, and utility-scale applications.


    Founded in 2013, SOFAR has always insisted on independent innovation, established a global R&D network with three R&D centers and over 400 of its workforces assigned to R&D, thus gradually establishing the holistic technology and product R&D system.

    SOFAR has implemented a globalization strategy since its establishment and now has two global manufacturing bases with an annual production capacity of 10GW PV & storage inverters & 1GWh batteries and an extensive service network of over 20 branch offices worldwide. SOFAR offices can now be found in the UK, Poland, Germany, South Korea, UAE, Pakistan, Australia, etc. By the end of 2022, SOFAR had shipped over 18GW inverters to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

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    As the world’s fastest-growing solar energy brand, SOFAR stands firmly among the mainstream solar energy brands with a compound annual growth rate of over 100% from 2020 to 2022. Due to its abilities in cutting-edge solar technologies, SOFAR has achieved China “CQC” certification, Chinese  Top 5 String Inverter Brand, TOP5 Global Hybrid Inverter Manufacturer and is entitled by EuPD as TOP Brand PV Inverter in India, Poland, the U.K., Italy and Brazil.

    Looking forward, SOFAR will adhere to its mission of “Technology Drives Green Energy” and its value of Virtue & Integrity, Collaboration & Effectiveness to build its core competitiveness in independent innovation in a net-zero era, expecting to accelerate the global clean energy transition, leveraging its leading solar and energy storage products and solutions. Learn more:

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