SolaX 40 KW to 150 KW Grid-Tied Inverter – The Ultimate Solution For C&I Applications


    SolaX, a market-leading provider of solar solutions, offers a selection of on-grid options to meet the growing needs of commercial and industrial (C&I) clients. Notably, X3-MEGA G2 and X3-FORTH are among the most popular and highly recommended three-phase inverters for C&I solar systems due to their optimal performance and capacity to generate maximum profits.


    X3-MEGA G2 and X3-FORTH offer exceptional efficiency, reaching up to 98.4% and 99%, respectively. With a maximum MPPT current of 32A, they can support 150% PV oversizing input and 110% overloading output, compatible with high-power PV modules in the current market. Besides, they can work in parallel with up to 60 units of on-grid inverters via Datahub for higher solar energy yields and more profits.

    Four X3-FORTH in Parallel



    X3-MEGA G2 and X3-FORTH come equipped with advanced features that provide superior intelligence. These include smart I-V curve diagnosis for detecting and diagnosing solar panel issues and a built-in export power control function. Moreover, night-time reactive power compensation ensures stable system operation. They also offer 24-hour operation monitoring and remote setting and upgrading, giving users complete control over their systems.

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    X3-MEGA G2 and X3-FORTH are designed to provide dependable and efficient energy output in any environment. Their IP66 rating ensures protection against water and dust, while the optional AFCI protection shields against arc faults. In addition, both of them have AC&DC SPDs (Type II) inside, further protecting the system against surges and voltage spikes.

    X3-MEGA G2


    SolaX X3-MEGA G2 and X3-FORTH are aimed at meeting the growing energy demands of businesses and industries while reducing their carbon footprint. From SolaX you can expect not only advanced solar solutions but also comprehensive technical support and attentive after-sales service. As such, SolaX is well-positioned to help C&I clients worldwide to achieve their sustainability goals. For more details please write us on

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