Egypt Invests 12 Billion Pounds To Enhance Electricity Distribution Network In Beheira And Support National Projects

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The Egyptian government has announced a significant investment of 12 billion pounds to bolster the electricity distribution network in Beheira and secure the power supply for national projects across Beheira, Matrouh, and the North Coast. This move is part of the government’s ongoing efforts to improve services and meet the rising energy needs throughout the country.


Following the directives of the President of the Republic, the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, along with various affiliated companies, aims to enhance the efficiency and performance of the electrical network. This endeavor seeks to ensure a stable and uninterrupted electricity supply, maintain quality standards, and minimize power outages, all while accommodating the projected increase in energy consumption.


The Beheira Electricity Distribution Company, which covers a vast geographical area, encompassing expansive agricultural and desert regions, industrial sites, and parts of Alexandria Governorate, will benefit from this investment. With a distribution network spanning over 177,000 km², the company serves as a vital electricity provider in the region.

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The Beheira Electricity Distribution Company operates through six distribution sectors, including North Buhaira, Central Buhaira, South Buhaira and Sadat, North Nubaria, Matrouh, and North Coast. It caters to approximately 2.699 million subscribers, consisting of various sectors such as industrial, agricultural, utilities, household, commercial, and others.

The company’s medium and low-voltage network components play a crucial role in ensuring reliable power supply. It comprises 337 medium voltage distribution panels, over 16,911 km of medium voltage overhead network, approximately 9,957 km of underground medium voltage cables, more than 21,808 km of low voltage overhead network, and around 2,662 km of low voltage underground cables. Additionally, the company operates 29,223 transformers with a total capacity of 7,775 MVA.

Over the years, the Beheira Electricity Distribution Company has allocated substantial resources for investment and maintenance, focusing on network replacement, renewal, expansion, and infrastructure development in the Beheira and Matrouh governorates, Sadat City, Al-Khattaba Center in Menoufia Governorate, and villages in Alexandria Governorate. The self-investment plan, funded by the company, has amounted to 3.1 billion pounds for the aforementioned areas.

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Moreover, the company has spent 650 million pounds on maintaining medium and low-voltage networks, ensuring their optimal performance and longevity. Additionally, it has executed projects valued at 7.25 billion pounds, contributing to the development and improvement of the electricity infrastructure in the region.

Noteworthy national and strategic projects have been successfully implemented in the company’s geographic scope. These include the presidential initiative to enhance villages in the Egyptian countryside, the development of the New Delta Project, and the removal of electrical network conflicts hindering the expansion of important roads and infrastructure projects. Furthermore, the company has facilitated power connections for key developments such as the new Alamein Airport and Tulip El Alamein Hotels.

The Egyptian government’s investment in the Beheira Electricity Distribution Company demonstrates its commitment to providing sustainable and reliable energy for economic and social development. By fortifying the electricity distribution network and ensuring uninterrupted power supply, the government aims to support national projects, encourage growth, and enhance the quality of life for citizens throughout the region.

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