GoodWe and DAT Group Introduce Residential Solar Power Storage Solutions at Workshop Series in Vietnam


GoodWe, a global leader in solar inverter and energy storage solutions, partnered with DAT Group, a prominent distributor and system integrator of solar products and solutions in Vietnam, to organize a series of workshops across Vietnam. The series, titled “New Technologies of Solar Power Storage Solutions for the Residential Segment 2023”, aimed to equip industry professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to embrace the latest solar power storage technologies.


From March to May 2023, the workshops were held in four major cities: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, and Can Tho. Attendees included solar installers, retailers and system integrators who were eager to explore the latest advancements in residential solar power solutions.

Vietnam has shown significant potential in the development of the solar power and electricity storage market, particularly after the recent approval of Power Plan VIII by the country’s Prime Minister on May 15, 2023. The plan prioritizes the promotion of renewable energy sources for electricity production, with a goal of having 50% of office buildings and 50% of residential houses using rooftop solar power for self-consumption by 2030.

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Recognizing the potential, the two companies jointly organized workshops to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy solutions in Vietnam and seize available opportunities in the market. As an end-to-end energy solution provider, GoodWe has continuously demonstrated its commitment to offering high-quality inverters and efficient solutions for homes and buildings.

During the workshops, GoodWe had the opportunity to introduce its product lineup popular in the market. The ES G2 series and the ET PLUS+ series inverters stood out, showcasing the latest advancements in solar energy storage technology.

The ES G2 series, which can be combined with a wide range of low-voltage batteries such as GoodWe’s Lynx U lithium battery, offers efficient energy storage and management, enabling homeowners to optimize their energy usage and increase self-consumption. The ET PLUS+ series, coupled with GoodWe’s high voltage Lynx F lithium battery, provides reliable backup power and seamless integration with the grid, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply during outages.

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Throughout the workshops, GoodWe and DAT Group also showcased their collaborative efforts in supporting partners through effective sales and marketing mechanisms, including technical training, marketing resources, and customer service. The workshops received an overwhelming response from the Vietnamese solar industry, with a significant number of guests attending each event.

“We are thrilled with the success of the workshop series and the positive reception we received from the industry professionals in Vietnam,” said the GoodWe Country Manager in Vietnam. “The enthusiastic participation and lively discussions during the workshops reaffirmed the growing interest in solar power storage solutions for residential use. We are proud to have partnered with DAT Group to bring these innovative solutions to the Vietnamese market.”

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