India’s Solar Parks Achieve Milestones: 11 Parks Completed with 8521 MW Capacity, 7 Parks Partially Finished

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The Indian Government is actively implementing a significant Scheme for the “Development of Solar Parks and Ultra Mega Power Projects” across the country, showcasing a dedicated effort to harness solar energy on a large scale. According to the recent statement made by the Union Minister of New Renewable Energy (MNRE) & Power, Sh. R. K. Singh, the scheme has resulted in the sanction of 50 Solar Parks in 12 states, boasting an impressive aggregate capacity of 37,990 MW.


Out of the sanctioned parks, substantial progress has been made, with 11 Solar Parks, amounting to 8,521 MW, already completed. Additionally, 7 Solar Parks with a total capacity of 3,985 MW have reached partial completion. Together, these parks have successfully facilitated the development of solar projects with an aggregate capacity of 10,237 MW.

The state-wise breakdown of Solar Parks and projects installed showcases the government’s efforts to promote renewable energy generation across various regions. Andhra Pradesh leads with 5 sanctioned parks and a capacity of 4,200 MW, while Gujarat stands out with an impressive 12,150 MW sanctioned capacity across 7 parks.

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The implementation of the Solar Park Scheme holds promise for a cleaner and greener energy future. As per the current timeline, the scheme extends up to 31st March 2026, signifying the government’s long-term commitment to boosting solar power generation and sustainability.

By harnessing solar energy through these parks, India aims to diversify its energy mix and reduce its carbon footprint. The initiatives will not only contribute significantly to the nation’s energy security but also drive economic growth and create employment opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

As the world grapples with the challenges posed by climate change, India’s efforts in solar power expansion serve as a commendable example of how nations can take meaningful steps towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. The continued implementation of such schemes is likely to reinforce India’s position as a global leader in renewable energy adoption and combatting climate change.

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