NTPC Invites Bids for 1500 MW ISTS Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects Across India

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NTPC Ltd., India’s largest power utility company, has recently issued an invitation for online bids from eligible bidders for setting up 1500 MW ISTS (Inter-State Transmission System) connected Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects in any location across the country.


The bidding process will follow the Single Stage Two Envelope approach, wherein Envelope-I will contain the Technical Bid, and Envelope-II will contain the Financial Bid. Additionally, the selection process will include a Reverse Auction to ensure competitive pricing and transparency.


Interested bidders must submit their bids, comprising both Technical and Financial aspects, by August 22, 2023, before 14:00 (IST). The opening of Technical Bids will occur on the same day at 14:30 (IST).


As per the requirements, all submitted bids must be accompanied by an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) equivalent to INR 11.6 lakh per MW. The specified EMD must be submitted in the format detailed in the RfS (Request for Selection) Documents.

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This ambitious initiative by NTPC aims to harness the potential of hybrid power projects, which synergize wind and solar energy generation, optimizing the utilization of resources and contributing to the country’s sustainable energy goals. By leveraging the ISTS connectivity, the generated power will be efficiently transmitted across states, ensuring wider accessibility and distribution of clean energy.

The establishment of these 1500 MW Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects reflects NTPC’s unwavering commitment to renewable energy and its role in bolstering India’s transition towards a greener and more eco-friendly energy landscape.

With the bidding process underway, the stage is set for potential developers to contribute to India’s renewable energy growth and be part of the nation’s sustainable energy transformation.

For more details view tender document:

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