Make in India: A Significant Milestone Achieved by Sungrow India


Sungrow India has achieved a significant milestone of completing 5 years of the Indian manufacturing journey that began in 2018 in line with Govt of India’s “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” initiative with dispatches of string & central inverters from the India factory.


Country Manager of Sungrow India, Sunil Badesra said, “Sungrow India started an inspiring mission to serve local customers with high quality, reliable, and locally manufactured products, making a significant contribution to the remarkable “MAKE IN INDIA” initiative. We take great pride in informing you that we have done many value additions in the past 5 years. We took the first crucial step with the right intentions and our determination to this market has led us on a path of progress we remain committed to continuous increase in value addition of our products locally as much as possible as we continue to strengthen our local manufacturing capabilities.”

Sungrow India Factory Head, Mallikarjun, added, “The annual production capacity upgrade to 10 GW has resulted in many value additions to “MAKE IN INDIA” initiatives. Our factory area has expanded to 1,90,000 sqft and local manpower increased manifold since starting, offering more job opportunities for Indians. In the meantime, increasing test capacities will provide customers with a more stable inverters supply, a new digitalized production line for higher efficiency, etc. Sungrow has always been committed to insight into customer needs and this Gigawatt facility is fully equipped in delivering customers with more reliable products and services in the future”.

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Over the past five years, the improvement of “MAKE IN INDIA” shows the deep cultivation of Sungrow in the Indian solar market, we are very grateful for witnessing this significant milestone with our Customers who have given us great support, and Sungrow will continue to make improvements in “MAKE IN INDIA” to accelerate India’s clean energy transition and provide “Clean Power for All”.

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