McDonald’s Malaysia Partners With TNB And GSPARX To Reduce Carbon Footprint With Solar Installations

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McDonald’s Malaysia has entered into a strategic partnership with Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) and GSPARX Sdn Bhd (GSPARX) to implement renewable energy solutions at 100 of its drive-through restaurants in the country, aiming to reduce its local carbon footprint.


The installations, expected to be completed by December 2024, will result in a cost reduction of approximately RM7 million in electricity usage.

During the signing of the agreement, McDonald’s Malaysia managing director Datuk Azmir Jaafar expressed the significance of the partnership with TNB and GSPARX in implementing eco-friendly solutions that would decrease electricity consumption and carbon emissions.


He emphasized their commitment to building a sustainable ecosystem, with long-term sustainability forming the foundation for business expansion, community engagement, and minimizing environmental impact.

Azmir also highlighted that McDonald’s Malaysia has already started the initial phase of the green initiative by installing solar panels on the roofs of selected restaurants since June 2022.

GSPARX, a TNB subsidiary, has already equipped 39 restaurants with solar panels, marking the beginning of McDonald’s journey towards sustainability. McDonald’s Putrajaya restaurant was one of the first “Green Restaurants” equipped with energy-efficient equipment that utilizes renewable energy.

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Furthermore, McDonald’s plans to collaborate with GSPARX to develop electric vehicle charging stations at selected restaurants, promoting clean energy solutions and encouraging the adoption of electric mobility in Malaysia. This commitment aligns with their vision to contribute to a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

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