Sineng to Supply the Largest Solar Power Plant in the Western Balkans, Advancing Albania’s Renewable Energy Goals


Sineng Electric, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, proudly announces its participation in the 140 MW Karavasta solar farm developed, built and operated by Voltalia, which stands as the largest photovoltaic (PV) plant in the Western Balkans and Albania’s first utility-scale PV plant. This groundbreaking project not only encapsulates Sineng’s intense devotion to shaping a greener world but also marks a significant milestone in Albania’s journey toward sustainability.


Albania’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, driven by ambitious climate objectives, endeavors to add an additional 1 GW of renewable capacity through at least three procedures, positioning Albania as a net exporter of renewable energy by 2030. This solar project which deploys Sineng’s cutting-edge EP-6250-HC-UD/30 MV turnkey stations, plays a pivotal role in realizing these targets, with innovative solutions leading the way.


By choosing the EP-6250-HC-UD/30 turnkey stations, renowned for their exceptional advantages such as a maximum DC/AC ratio of up to 1.8, impressive generation efficiency, and enhanced overloading capability, the project developed by Voltalia will ensure improved reliability and optimize the return on investment for the entire PV system.

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With Sineng’s industry-leading solutions and exceptional services, the Karavasta Solar Project emerges as a catalyst for a greener ecosystem while paving the way for economic decarbonization. Once commissioned, the plant will generate sustainable electricity, effectively satisfying the annual consumption needs of nearly 220,000 inhabitants. Furthermore, this significant achievement will mitigate over 29,165 tons of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to an outstanding 9.5% reduction in the industrial sector’s carbon emissions in Albania.

Jianfei Li, Vice President of Sineng Electric declared, “The Karavasta Solar Project is acting as a driving force behind the significant expansion of local energy sources. Sineng stands honored to be chosen by Voltalia and be part of this transformative initiative, offering technologically superior and environmentally conscious solutions. We firmly believe that this landmark project will set a benchmark for the adoption of renewable energy in the Western Balkans.”

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