GMA Partners With Ecozen Energy And Zhejiang Sunpro For Solar Panel Distribution In The Middle East

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GMA, a well-known Dubai-based company specializing in industrial solutions and the energy brand Ecozen Energy, has proudly declared the establishment of an exclusive distributor agreement with Zhejiang Sunpro Power Technology Co., LTD, a renowned Chinese manufacturer of high-quality solar panels. This partnership represents a significant step for enhancing sustainable energy offerings across the Middle East.


In a proactive move to strengthen the region’s renewable energy sector, GMA has formed an exclusive partnership with Zhejiang Sunpro, a distinguished leader in solar panel manufacturing from China. This strategic alliance is poised to transform the sustainable energy landscape in the Middle East and drive the region towards a more environmentally friendly future.

Within this strategic partnership, GMA gains the exclusive rights to distribute Zhejiang Sunpro’s top-tier solar panels in the Middle East, covering ten countries. This initiative not only expands GMA’s repertoire of renewable energy solutions but also includes its commitment to meet the growing demand for eco-conscious alternatives.

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As the need for sustainable energy solutions intensifies across the Middle East, GMA’s collaboration with Zhejiang Sunpro shines as a symbol of innovation and dedication. The alliance aims to leverage Zhejiang Sunpro’s esteemed reputation for producing solar panels known for their durability, efficiency, and ecological integrity.

Zhejiang Sunpro’s solar panels have earned acclaim for their sturdiness, effectiveness, and environmental soundness, endorsed by international certifications such as TUV, CE, and ISO. The company’s esteemed status as a Bloomberg Tier 1 manufacturer further reinforces the credibility of its products.

Mr Michael Nezer, Chairman and CEO of GMA, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are excited to unite with Zhejiang Sunpro, a respected and pioneering figure in the solar industry. This collaboration epitomizes our commitment to providing our customers with the finest and most sustainable solutions for their industrial needs. Zhejiang Sunpro’s solar panels seamlessly complement our product range and empower us to effectively address the rising demand for renewable energy in our region.”

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On the other hand, Mrs Wang Xiao Jing, General Manager of Zhejiang Sunpro, conveyed her delight in partnering with GMA, a well-established and esteemed entity in the Middle East market. “Our partnership with GMA represents a major step in our joint efforts to advance the utilization of solar energy and drive sustainable advancement. We are confident that GMA’s wide-reaching network and expertise will facilitate a broader reach and strengthen our market position in the region.”

This partnership encompasses more than the exclusive distribution of Zhejiang Sunpro’s solar panels. It also encompasses comprehensive services such as installation, maintenance, and post-sales support provided by GMA. This comprehensive approach ensures that customers not only receive top-quality products but also unparalleled assistance throughout their renewable energy journey.

This milestone collaboration between GMA and Zhejiang Sunpro resonates with the global drive towards environmentally conscious practices, setting a remarkable precedent for reinforcing the renewable energy landscape in the Middle East.

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The partnership reflects the alignment of two visionary entities, both committed to fostering sustainable progress and contributing to the worldwide effort against climate change.

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