Jordan To Finalize New Long-Term Energy Strategy, Including Renewable Power And Hydrogen Projects By 2024

Representational image. Credit: Canva

In 2024, Jordan is set to finalize a fresh comprehensive energy strategy, incorporating novel initiatives to amplify renewable energy output and establish green hydrogen power facilities, as per statements from a Jordanian official.


The forthcoming strategy, which has been in progress for a while, carries a broader objective of advancing the energy sector within the Arab nation and anticipating future requirements, revealed Amani Azzam, the Secretary General of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.

“Our current focus lies in the evaluation of energy sector growth and the expansion of intelligent power networks. Our aim is to conclude the new energy strategy by the close of 2024,” she conveyed to a local newspaper.


Azzam elaborated that the upcoming strategy is geared towards innovative ventures, encompassing the expansion of energy storage, the elevation of renewable energy within power generation, and the integration of hydrogen in electricity creation.

“The strategy will also prioritize the enhancement of energy efficiency across diverse sectors. Our goal is to attain a dependable and sustainable energy landscape.”

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