AmpIn Powers JK Cement’s Green Transformation with 10 MWp Solar Energy Infusion


In a groundbreaking move towards cleaner energy sources, AmpIn Energy Transition, a prominent player in the energy transition sector, has commenced the supply of 10MWp solar power from its expansive 30MWp solar facility located in Mishrikh, Uttar Pradesh. The recipient of this renewable energy infusion is none other than JK Cement, a leading cement manufacturer, known for its commitment to sustainable practices.


AmpIn’s remarkable achievement solidifies its position as the premier Independent Power Producer (IPP) with a robust solar portfolio in the state. This milestone follows a string of successful solar open-access projects, demonstrating AmpIn’s forward-looking approach and dedication to reshaping India’s energy landscape.

This dynamic partnership holds immense significance as India accelerates its shift towards clean energy sources. It reflects the mutual resolve of both AmpIn and JK Cement to play a transformative role in the realm of clean energy, particularly within the infrastructure sector. The initiative aligns perfectly with India’s ambitions to curtail carbon emissions and adopt eco-friendly alternatives.

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Mr. Madhav Singhania, the DMD & CEO of JK Cement, lauded AmpIn’s delivery of solar power to their Aligarh Unit, highlighting the milestone’s alignment with their sustainability commitment. By incorporating 10MWp of solar energy, JK Cement is poised to elevate its renewable energy share to over 60% in its Aligarh Manufacturing Plant, effectively reducing annual carbon dioxide emissions by more than 10,780 tonnes.

Mr. Pinaki Bhattacharyya, the CEO and MD of AmpIn Energy Transition, expressed pride in the successful implementation of their 5th solar open-access project in Uttar Pradesh. He emphasized the initiative’s contribution to a more sustainable future and hailed JK Cement as a valued repeat partner in their mission to drive the renewable energy transition.

With a substantial investment of Rs 1337 Cr, AmpIn has assembled an impressive cumulative solar project portfolio of 300MWp across 7 locations in Uttar Pradesh. Out of this, 120 MWp is already operational, while an additional 180MWp is rapidly advancing towards completion. AmpIn’s dedication to investing in new projects underpins its commitment to offer renewable energy solutions and transition opportunities to commercial and industrial consumers within the state.

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This collaborative effort between AmpIn Energy Transition and JK Cement stands as a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and communal empowerment, signaling a promising trajectory towards a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

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