Ocean Mineral Investment Launches 4,125 MWp Rooftop Solar Power Project

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Ocean Mineral Investment Joint Stock Company (OIC) proudly announces the commencement of its rooftop solar power project, boasting a robust capacity of 4,125 MWp.


Operating under the umbrella of Dai Duong Mineral Investment Joint Stock Company, known for its diverse business ventures spanning seaport operations, wood products, mining, and cement production, this initiative aligns with OIC’s commitment to sustainable growth.

Mr. Ho Van Trung, the Production Director of the company, highlighted the project’s significance, stating, “In line with our dedication to sustainable progress, Ocean Minerals Investment Joint Stock Company partnered with GreenYellow to deploy the solar power project atop our Ocean Packaging Factory’s roof. This endeavor not only fosters an environmentally friendly approach but also contributes to cooling the factory premises for the well-being of our employees.”


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