Increase PR by 5%-9%, Reduce LCOE by 0.5%-4% with SUNPLUS Systematic Solutions


Key Highlights

  • SUNPLUS solution covers versatile application scenarios where it can be deployed across various landscapes including deserts, Gobi, wastelands, hilly terrains, and grasslands, rooftops.
  • SUNPLUS can increase the Performance Ratio of Bifacial PV plants by 5%-9% (depending on project specifics), reduce the LCOE value by 0.5%-4%, without impacting the temperature of the PV Modules and other components.
  • HALEAD provides systematic technical solutions, including support in the bidding and design phase, to meet the optimization and support in the entire system operation process. And can customize the solution as per project and owner requirements.

About the challenges of Bifacial solar panel rear side power generation efficiency


The main feature of the Bifacial module is that the rear side can provide additional power generation gain. However, the reflectivity of the natural environment medium such as a desert (E.g Gobi desert)/bare soil is low (around 15%-30%), resulting in insufficiently
reflected irradiation on the rear side of the module and rear-side power generation efficiency will not be fully utlized. Currently, there is no mature and system solution for lifting Bifacial rear-side gain generation in the industry.

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About SUNPLUS Reflective material

SUNPLUS reflective material is a special modified PVC knife-coated coating fabric, with its surface texture specially designed to ensure even and ample diffusion of light to the rear-side of Bifacial Modules over wide range of wavelengths, hence enhancing the power generation efficiency of the same Bifacial PV .

Thanks to the material’s excellent physical properties, bending resistance, easy installation, and high & low temperature resistance, SUNPLUS can be applied to various laying environments.

  • Desert and Gobi terrain (flat/relatively flat)
  • Wilderness, hills, grassland terrain (flat/relatively flat)
  • Concrete roof or plain roof
Image: Structural diagram of SUNPLUS reflective material

Halead SUNPLUS reflective material has passed the TUV test, and the reflectivity in the wavelength range of 280-1100nm can be as high as 85%, which is close to the reflectivity of fresh snow in the natural environments. It has been proved that the power generation gain can reach up to 9~11%. At the same time, it can add to the rear-side generation under cloudy/smoggy weather conditions.

Based on the power generation efficiency characteristics of the rear-side of P-Type and N-Type/TOPCon bifacial modules, the effect of SUNPLUS reflective materials is more prominent when applied to N-type bifacial modules as when using SUNPLUS solution, more gain is extracted from its rear-side. Due to its spectral design, the product does not increase the temperature of the PV Modules.

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In addition, HALEAD can provide a complete enhancement solution for the application of SUNPLUS reflective materials based on the characteristics and configuration of photovoltaic power stations, combined with its rich experience in design and installation (including paving schemes, dimensions, gain ratio calculations, and more.)

Here are the key benefits of the SUNPLUS solution:

  • Increase PV Plant Power Generation efficiency and PR% – Reduce Soiling on the rear-side of PV Modules
  • Facilitate the infiltration of rainwater and reduce flooding risks due to nature of installation (Strips with gaps in-between the PV rows).
  • Reduce CAPEX of key PV Plant price adders (PV Modules/Trackers/Civil Works etc.)
  • Can be applied during initial design, and as retrofit to operating plants.
  • Full-Recyclable material, which in addition to increasing the PV plant generation (hence reduction of CO2 emissions), will also ensure low CO2 footprint and
  • contributes to global climate and carbon neutrality targets.
  • Partnering with a publicly listed company with over 20 years of global experience.
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SUNPLUS reflective material is produced by Zhejiang Hailide New Material Co., Ltd., a listed company in China. Founded in 2001, the company was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2008 (stock code 002206), and its current annual revenue is as high as 6 billion RMB.

For more product information and introduction, please contact:

Leo Wang (Vice President of Sales), Tel: +86 15257372578,

Ahmad Masoud (Global Sr. Director – Techno/Commercial), Tel: +971 504344280,

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