Siam Piwat Simon Initiates Large-Scale Solar Project At Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Siam Piwat Simon, the driving force behind Thailand’s pioneering Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok, is making substantial strides toward sustainability.


In collaboration with Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited, a leader in renewable energy solutions, they’re implementing on-site solar energy initiatives to champion environmental responsibility.

More than 50,000 square meters of solar panels, representing an investment exceeding 100 million baht, now adorn Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok’s rooftops. These panels are anticipated to generate 3,800,760 kWh of solar power each year, significantly reducing reliance on fossil fuels. This move is set to reduce approximately 1,900 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e), which is akin to planting 110,465 trees.


Beyond the immediate impact, it aligns with long-term energy conservation and sustainable business practices. Siam Piwat Simon is a partnership between Siam Piwat Co., Ltd. and Simon Property Group, both leaders in retail and real estate development. The collaboration reflects their shared commitment to reshaping the retail landscape while prioritizing sustainability. This milestone underscores Siam Piwat Group’s dedication to sustainable growth, aligning with Gunkul Engineering’s principles of prioritizing the economy, society, environment, and stakeholder interests.

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Naratipe Ruttapradid, COO of Operations at Siam Piwat Co., Ltd., stated that this project demonstrates its commitment to sustainable business practices and environmental stewardship, aligning with global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Michael Tang, Managing Director of Siam Piwat Simon, emphasized their commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and optimizing clean energy utilization, fostering global impact. The solar energy utilization at Siam Premium Outlets Bangkok began in August 2023, reflecting Siam Piwat Simon’s dedication to global partnerships and internationally recognized innovations. This initiative aims to drive positive sustainable impacts and environmental consciousness.

Sopacha Dhumrongpiyawut, CEO of Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited, highlighted the financial and ecological benefits of green energy and their role in Thailand’s journey towards a carbon-neutral society. Gunkul’s expertise positions them to execute solar rooftop setups for power generation. Gunkul’s Private Power Purchase Agreement exceeding 100 megawatts aligns with Siam Piwat’s vision of sustainable growth and the goal of leaving a livable world for future generations.

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