UAE And China Forge Deeper Energy And Sustainability Partnership

A file photo of UAE and China Forge Deeper Energy and Sustainability Partnership

In a bid to advance their shared commitment to energy sustainability, the UAE and China recently convened a roundtable meeting in Dubai to explore ways of strengthening collaboration across various domains, particularly in the energy sector. The discussions emphasized the significance of sustainable practices, renewable energy, and technological innovations in driving their bilateral relationship forward.


H.E. Abdullah Al Saleh, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy, and H.E. Wang Wentao, Chinese Minister of Commerce, led the talks, which also included H.E. Zhang Yiming, Chinese Ambassador to the UAE, and representatives from prominent UAE companies including ADNOC, DP World, Emaar, Emirates Airlines, and G42.

Both countries have consistently demonstrated their commitment to sustainable energy practices, acknowledging the role of renewable sources in mitigating environmental challenges. The UAE’s embrace of renewable energy technologies aligns with its aspiration to diversify its energy mix and reduce dependence on conventional fuels. China, on the other hand, has emerged as a global leader in renewable energy deployment and investment.

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The UAE and China’s partnership extends beyond energy. It encompasses collaboration in areas such as trade, investment, manufacturing, technology, healthcare, and transportation. Their joint vision is rooted in expanding and diversifying their comprehensive strategic partnership, which was established in 2012 to promote sustainable development and growth across various sectors.

H.E. Wang Wentao reiterated China’s intent to bolster collaboration, emphasizing the creation of opportunities for the UAE’s private sector to flourish within the Chinese market. He highlighted the commitment of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce to ensuring the sustained growth of UAE companies operating in China.

H.E. Al Saleh stressed the strategic importance of UAE-China relations, especially in the context of economy, trade, and investment. He highlighted the remarkable growth in trade and investment exchanges between the two nations, indicating a shift towards sustainable practices.

The meeting delved into exploring innovative mechanisms for strengthening trade cooperation, establishing new partnerships, and supporting exporters and importers to encourage the exchange of sustainable goods and services. The participants also discussed strategies for enhancing UAE investments in the Chinese market, leveraging the strong presence of UAE companies already operating in China.

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The UAE and China’s dedication to sustainable energy practices and environmental stewardship further strengthens their bond and collaboration. With both nations committed to addressing global challenges through sustainable energy and technological advancements, this partnership holds the potential to be a beacon of positive change on the global stage.

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