Hydrom Invites Global Energy Firms To Second Round Auction For Green Hydrogen Projects In Oman

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Hydrom, a subsidiary of the state-owned Energy Development Oman, is inviting global energy companies to participate in the second round public auction for green hydrogen production development in Dhofar Governorate. Launched officially in June, this auction offers a lucrative opportunity for firms interested in sustainable energy projects.


In this round, Hydrom is providing up to three prime blocks, ranging from 340 km2 to 400 km2, exclusively dedicated to green hydrogen production. The goal is to leverage Dhofar’s renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar power, to establish a robust green hydrogen industry.

Applicants will undergo a three-stage evaluation process to ensure capable and committed participants with strong financial, development, and operational capabilities. The first stage, Minimum Qualification Criteria, sets the minimum requirements for financial resources and expertise. The second stage, Minimum Bid Criteria, aligns proposals with Oman’s green hydrogen objectives, and the final stage, Evaluation Framework, assesses bids transparently and fairly.


Interested companies can find detailed auction information on Hydrom’s website and must submit Statements of Qualification (SOQ) by October 8, 2023.

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The auction’s next phase, including the Request for Proposal (RFP) release, will start in September 2023, with a bid submission deadline in January 2024. Winners will be announced by Q1 2024 and will have the opportunity to develop and operate green hydrogen projects in allocated blocks, advancing Oman’s renewable energy sector and sustainability goals.

The auction process ensures transparency and fairness, requiring registration on an online platform and a Confidentiality Undertaking to protect shared information. Fees are applicable for RFQ and RFP documents and each submitted bid, covering administrative costs. Hydrom aims to select qualified bidders with the expertise and alignment needed to drive Oman’s green hydrogen sector’s growth effectively through a comprehensive evaluation framework.

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