KPI Green Embarks On a 9 MW Solar Power Project with Gujarat Polyfilms Under Captive Power Plant

Representational image. Credit: Canva

In a significant development in the renewable energy sector, KPI Green Energy Limited has secured a new order to undertake a 9 MW solar power project. The project is commissioned by Gujarat Polyfilms Pvt. Ltd. and falls under the ‘Captive Power Producer (CPP)’ segment of the Company. This promising collaboration aligns with KPI Green’s commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions.


KPI Green Energy Limited, a key player in the renewable energy domain, is set to execute this solar power project in line with the terms of the order. The project is slated to be completed in the financial year 2023-24, with progress unfolding in various tranches as stipulated by the order.

This venture marks a significant stride towards expanding India’s renewable energy infrastructure and reducing its carbon footprint. Solar power projects like these not only contribute to the country’s renewable energy goals but also underscore the growing importance of sustainable practices in the corporate landscape.


As the world increasingly turns towards cleaner and greener energy alternatives, collaborations like the one between KPI Green and Gujarat Polyfilms exemplify a shared commitment to a sustainable future. The development of this 9 MW solar power project stands as a testament to KPI Green’s expertise in the field and its dedication to delivering environmentally friendly energy solutions.

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With a focus on advancing solar energy technology and expanding their renewable energy portfolio, KPI Green Energy Limited continues to play a pivotal role in India’s transition towards cleaner and more sustainable power sources. This endeavor not only enhances energy access but also contributes to the broader vision of a greener, more sustainable future for India.

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