560 MW Desert Power Station Equipped with Trina Solar Vertex N 700W+ Series Modules


Trina Solar has begun to supply Vertex N 700W+ series modules to the 560 MW PV power station in the Qinghai province of Xinghai County. The power station is expected to be commissioned by the end of this year, with an average annual energy yield of about 1.077 billion kWh.


The plant, developed and owned by Datang Qinghai New Energy Development Co Ltd, is located in the new energy base of Hekatan in the northeast of Xinghai County, average altitude of 3,200 meters, and is the first such large-scale project in the county.

The project, located on a desert plateau, is subject to drastic temperature differences and extreme weather, including high winds and hailstorms. These pose great challenges to module reliability and energy yield. For that reason, the Vertex N 700W+ series modules were an obvious choice for the project.


Among a total scale of 560 MW, Trina Solar supplies 488 MW Vertex N 700W+ series modules equipped with advanced 210mm technology and n-type TOPCon Advanced technology. The products are renowned for their high reliability, high efficiency, high power, high energy yield, and their ability to reduce LCOE, delivering more value to customers.

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The great value offered by Vertex N 700W+ series modules can be illustrated by the 3.2 MW ground power station in Gonghe County, Qinghai province. These modules can significantly reduce the costs of installation, electric components and trackers as compared with other modules. Ultimately, the Vertex N 700W+ series modules can save RMB 0.0424 per watt, making them 5.8% lower than other n-type modules. In addition to the superior value in ground-mounted power stations, Vertex N 700W+ series modules also further promote environmental benefits.

Batches of Trina Solar Vertex N 700W+ series modules are being delivered to the 560 MW PV power station in Qinghai. Trina Solar has been the first to achieve mass production of Vertex N 700W+ series modules, and it will continue to show the way in the 700W+ era.

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