Dubai Chambers Paves the Way for Renewable Energy Expansion via DREBG; Inaugural Roundtable on September 19, 2023

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Dubai Chambers has taken a significant stride in promoting renewable energy initiatives within Dubai by establishing the Dubai Renewable Energy Business Group (DREBG). This newly formed entity aims to serve as a credible and effective platform for fostering discussions, cooperation, and collaboration within the renewable energy sector. It’s resolute in aligning its efforts with Dubai’s renewable energy vision while championing the industry’s best interests. Importantly, DREBG operates as a non-profit organization, emphasizing its unwavering focus on serving the industry and driving its growth rather than seeking profits.


A pivotal event on the horizon for DREBG is its First-Round table meeting scheduled for September 19th. This gathering intends to unite a spectrum of industry stakeholders, encompassing suppliers, integrators, developers, bankers, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) companies, and primary consumers. The overarching goal is to discern the key catalysts for expediting growth within the renewable energy sector and collaboratively address industry challenges. Notably, DREBG’s board comprises individuals with over a century of collective industry experience, including Chairman Mr. L K Verma, Vice Chairman Mr. Laurent Longuet, Secretary General Mr. Walid Saleh, Treasurer Mr. Raj, and Special Directors Mr. Rachid, Mr. Manoj and Mr. Anwar.

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Chairman of DREBG, Mr. L K Verma, underscored the organization’s commitment to inclusivity and holistic industry representation by involving a wide spectrum of stakeholders, from suppliers to consumers.


The establishment of DREBG signifies Dubai’s determination to play a leading role in renewable energy adoption, with the upcoming roundtable meeting poised to be a pivotal forum for shaping the sector’s future.

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