Kehua at RE+ 2023: Heading for a Brighter Future with Smart PV+ESS Solutions


As an expert in PV+ESS solutions with 35 years of power conversion technology and experience, Kehua is widely favored across the North American region. Kehua showcased its most recent advancements and an extensive portfolio to address diverse energy requirements and made a significant impact at RE+ 2023. Among them, Kehua’s newly launched S3-EStore smart C&I ESS won high attention from visitors.


Smart Residential PV+ESS Solution

Kehua iStoragE series residential ESS is a star product with both strength and value. It has received certifications includes UL9540, and its exterior design has won IDEA and iF awards. The small size, lightweight, and support for mixing new and old batteries greatly save transportation, storage, installation and expansion costs. Kehua also utilizes a high-safety battery system design with physical-chemical dual isolation. It is the reliability and user-friendliness that makes iStoragE highly favored by home users.


Zero-Carbon PV+ESS Solution for C&I

The S³-EStore all-in-one C&I ESS is a highlight of the event, providing a comprehensive and reliable solution for business owners seeking to optimize energy use and reduce environmental impact. By integrating PCS, BMS and EMS, the system is able to increase PV self-generation and self-consumption rates, reduce electricity bills and increase revenues by taking advantage of peak-valley price, making it a key tool for managing energy use and reducing reliance on the grid, contributing to greater energy independence, cost savings and sustainability.

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The system’s compact size and high energy density make it ideal for space-constrained commercial and industrial facilities. Additionally, the advanced liquid-cooled battery system and active fire protection measures demonstrate Kehua’s commitment to safety and innovation. Recognizing the huge potential of energy storage for C&I energy management and sustainability, visitors at RE+ showed great enthusiasm for S3-EStore, an innovative solution that meets the need to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

In zero-carbon PV solution for C&I, Kehua displayed the modular converter BCS75-175K-B-HM-US X2 and the smart three-phase inverter SPI100K-125K-B X2, which adhered to the consistent S3 design concepts, i.e., Safety, Smart and Simple, and attracted many visitors to stop by.

Zero-Carbon ESS Solution for Utility

Adopting a three-level efficient topology design, BCS-3450K-B-HUD/T, the containerized energy storage and transformer turnkey system, is a highly standardized, highly stable, and highly economical system. It has the outstanding advantage of a “converter+transformer” integrated design.

With less equipment and a smaller footprint, the transportation, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of the system is more convenient and efficient, which greatly reduces the LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity). The system will guarantee the safe and stable operation of utility energy storage projects and bring more economic benefits for customers.

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Le Ji, Kehua Business Director for North America, emphasized the company’s commitment to the region and highlighted Kehua’s strategic focus. “Kehua remains committed to providing cutting-edge products and superior support to meet the changing needs of partners and customers.”

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