EDF Group Unveils Vitisolar: An Agrivoltaic Demonstrator Amongst Vineyards in Gironde

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The EDF group and partners unveil Vitisolar, an agrivoltaic demonstrator in Gironde. This innovative project combines viticulture and renewable energy production, addressing environmental and climatic challenges.


Vitisolar features an adjustable photovoltaic structure installed on a 2000 m2 Merlot vineyard plot, designed to coexist with farming practices. In a region vulnerable to climate change, the project will study the impact of solar panels on vines, examining protection against climatic hazards, production quality, biodiversity, and more over five years.


This collaboration includes EDF, Ampex (ArcelorMittal Exosun), INRAE, Chamber of Agriculture of Gironde, CUMA (Agricultural Equipment Cooperatives), and the University of Bordeaux. It’s part of the National Research Center on Agrivoltaism (PNR AgriPV) network, supported by regional, EU, and ADEME funding. This initiative aligns with the Néo Terra roadmap of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, aimed at expediting the transition toward sustainable energy and ecology.


EDF’s commitment to agrivoltaics is evident in Vitisolar, complementing their existing projects and expertise in the field, contributing to the fight against climate change with renewable energy production integrated into agriculture practices. Through Vitisolar, EDF is strengthening its expertise in agrivoltaics, emphasizing a community-driven and scientifically grounded approach. This initiative adds to the ongoing research in agrivoltaic demonstrators like Renardières, EDF Lab in Seine-et-Marne, and ADELI in Gard.

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EDF Renewables is actively advancing approximately fifty agrivoltaic projects in France, with a focus on New Aquitaine. Notable among these is the St-Hilaire project (82 MW) in Haute-Vienne, developed along with a group of sheep breeders.

Martin Leys, Director of Nouvelle-Aquitaine Regional Action, said, “I am very happy to inaugurate today Vitisolar, an innovative, virtuous project, responding to the environmental and energy challenges of the region and co-constructed with all players in the wine industry. The EDF group is thus continuing its lasting commitment alongside the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region to accelerate the energy transition in the regions. »

Philippe Mauguin, Chairman and CEO of INRAE, added, ​​“The creation of this demonstrator, on a wine estate belonging to INRAE, constitutes for the scientific community a unique full-scale laboratory for reconciling efficient wine production and sustainable energy production! This project strengthens the tools made available to the entire national community, public and private actors, around the measured development of photovoltaic technology on agricultural land, federated within the National Center for Research, Innovation and Education in Agriphotovoltaism ( PNR APV) created in 2023 at the initiative of INRAE.”

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