The Rise of Sineng Electric: Leading the Way in Solar Inverters in MEA and India – Arun Chaudhary Sales Head – MEA & India, Sineng Electric (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Arun Chaudhary Sales Head - MEA & India Sineng Electric (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Can you highlight Sineng Electric’s top-performing solar inverter products in the MEA and India markets, and explain how they address specific energy needs in these regions?

Sineng Electric is committed and contributing to reducing global green house emission by providing upgraded energy solutions in solar Industry. By so far, we have shipped over 50GW+ of inverters. The enormous investment in research and development enables us to offer a comprehensive product portfolio in which market response for central inverter solutions has been widely appreciated. Pertaining to India solar demand and technical optimization, unlike before 2016, more and more utility plants became the reality and 12.5MW block size is the preferred choice to optimize the plant BOS. Our Signature 3.125MW inverter ranks as Top 1 central inverter in India market since 2022.

Sineng had setup a 3GW factory in India in 2018, market response to our product & services had led us to brought 10GW factory expansion in Bangalore, 2021. By Q2 2023, we received 10GW+ orders and partnered with leading players in their green energy mission. Compact design and smart control algorithm of 3.125MW inverter give ease of installation, controlling and monitoring. Everything that a plant owner might want is included in this product, including DC/AC side protection, high load ratio, high overload capacity, environmental protection, IEC compliances, SVG function, PID capability, IP65 for key components, and more! Utility-scale ground-mounted PV plants with block sizes of 6.25 MW or 12.5 MW are ideal for using it. As a result of the growing demand for our products and services, we have expanded further and opened offices across the world, including the United Arab Emirates, Europe, the United States, Brazil etc.

The Middle East’s location and extreme environmental circumstances call for high-tech products to perform. Central inverter series – EP-3.125-HA-UD and it’s skid integrated solution EP-6250-HA-UD consists of 2*3.125MW inverters, SF6 switchgear, 6.25MW double split transformer and LV distribution & communication cabinet are designed to minimize the civil works contributing to minimizing the overall cost. And we have started our journey here with 700MW order in the Middle East.

Can you highlight a recent technological breakthrough that has not only driven which are going to be launched in REI Expo 2023 in India?

Sineng aspires to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to make the world a better place to live by adhering to its motto, “Endless Energy for Limitless Green.” Sineng has also won numerous prizes for its innovations. Multilevel inverter topologies, 1000V to 1500V systems, smart cooling, string level monitoring and controlling, compact design, compatibility with bifacial model, robust protection against harsh environments, and optimization in every level of operation are just a few of the new technologies that have been introduced to the industry. All of the aforementioned state-of-the-art technologies are included in the newest central, string, and ESS solutions. Continuous innovations and endeavor to provide future-proof products to meet the evolving market needs, latest standards and techno-commercial environment have made us to bring a variety of products. We have launched our 4.4MW central inverter and 350kW string inverter in 2023 for the Indian market.

What is the market share of Sineng solar inverters in the Indian market, which series of inverters are in more demand?

Sineng is among Top 8 PV Inverter supplier globally. Referring to JMK, CY 2022, Sineng has been recognized as Top 1 central inverter supplier for India market , accounting for 39.5% in this domain. Mercom CY 2022 & Bridge to India CY 2022, has acknowledged Sineng Electric as Top 2 inverter supplier in India. Our EP Series 3.125MW central inverter and 275kW string inverter are the mostly in demand supported by best-in-class services.


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