LONGi to Propel Egypt’s Energy Transformation with Green Electricity and Hydrogen Solution


LONGi Founder and President Li Zhenguo has attended the 2023 edition of the Global Energy Interconnection Conference in Beijing. The focus of the conference was the development of a global energy interconnection and the construction of a new energy system to contribute to the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


During the conference, President Li met with Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Egypt’s Minister for Electricity and Renewable Energy, who presented his country’s long-term renewable energy development strategy. Egypt’s national objective is to achieve a 42% share of renewable energy in its energy mix by 2035, and to accomplish this, the Egyptian government has proposed the implementation of renewable energy projects using a Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) model as part of its commitment to the expansion of green hydrogen and green ammonia projects.


Dr. Shaker revealed that the government is currently in discussions regarding projects of substantial scale, with some reaching 40 GW, emphasizing the country’s proactive approach to promoting the synergistic combination of green electricity and green hydrogen, with its ambitious plans to implement over 120 GW of renewable energy projects by 2030. The strategy is to develop green hydrogen and green ammonia solutions for export to Europe and other regions, resulting in a significant boost to the country’s foreign exchange-related revenue.

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For his part, President Li provided an overview of LONGi developments, highlighting the company’s global leadership in cutting-edge technology. He went on to draw a link between LONGi possessing the world’s most advanced technology and Egypt’s exceptional land and light resources, a collaboration between the two parties capable of significantly accelerating the country’s transition to new energy.

Looking at future business prospects, Li expressed his view that the global energy landscape is undeniably moving toward a green and clean transformation. In light of this positive outlook, he announced LONGi’s plans to increase its production capacity for monocrystalline silicon wafers to 190 GW, with a further 110 GW for monocrystalline silicon cells and 130 GW for monocrystalline silicon modules by the end of 2023. He also underlined the rapid development of the company’s hydrogen energy business, which has already achieved a production capacity of 2.5 GW, in line with its confidence in the upward trajectory of new energy development amid the global drive for sustainability.

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